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  • Sublimation Glass Clock
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    Sublimation Glass Clock

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    This makes a perfect personalized gift for Christmas, Mother's day or just because.  Sublimate it with a favourite family photo and create a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come..  

    Our textured tempered glass clock measures 20 cm or 7 7/8" diameter, and comes with white clock hands and the clock mechanism.

    Pressing Instructions:

    Press the white side of the cutting board for 356 degrees F for 240 seconds using light pressure. DO NOT MIRROR YOUR IMAGE.  Place a felt pad on your heat press.  Cover with butcher paper.  Place your transfer face up and your clock on top of the transfer with the white side down. Remove from press using heat protection gloves as this item will be extremely hot.  Let cool on a clean surface. 

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